Quick Start

Installing WorldTime Clock

If you have downloaded the ZIP package, unpack it into a temporary folder

  • Run ATClock.exe

  • The Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation process

  • During the installation process you will be prompted to select installation options. We recommend that you select all the options.

  • Select the WorldTime Clock Home folder. For example, C:\Program Files\WorldTime Clock.

  • WorldTime Clock installation will complete and run WorldTime Clock automatically if you have selected this option. Otherwise run the WorldTime Clock manually any time.

Start WorldTime Clock

When the installation process is complete the WorldTime Clock program group will be added in the Start / Programs menu.

In order to start WorldTime Clock select:

When WorldTime Clock is started, the application will add icon to the system tray.

Learn how to configure WorldTime Clock here.

WorldTime Clock Menu

In order to access WorldTime Clock Main Menu, click the right mouse button on the WorldTime Clock icon in the System Tray.

Clock Menu

In order to access the Clock Menu, click the right mouse button on the Clock Display .


You can synchronize time from Main or Clock Menu without opening the Configuration dialog.

Just open Main or Clock Menu and select Synchronize item.
The time synchronization procedure updates your system time.

Read more about time synchronization here

Reminders List

In order to open WorldTime Clock Reminders List select the List Reminders item in the Clock Menu.

Read more Appointment Management system here.

Clock Position

You can change Clock Display position and resize Clock Display.
Drag and drop Clock Display to the new position, or drag Display borders to resize.

Last position and size of all Clock Display are saved when you exit WorldTime Clock.

Exit WorldTime Clock

In order to exit WorldTime Clock select the Exit item in Main or Clock Menu.