Synchronize Time

WorldTime Clock is capable of synchronizing your local system time with the Internet Time Servers thru Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) or HTTP protocol with Web Time Gateways.

You can select a Time Servers from predefined list, in order to get maximum synchronization performance.

Synchronization Settings

Synchronization settings are available in the WorldTime Clock Preferences dialog:

The following settings available on this tab:

  • Check Synchronize when WorldTime Clock starts checkbox if you want to synchronize system time automatically, when you start WorldTime Clock

  • Select one Time Server from the list for synchronization

  • Check Synchronize every ... checkbox and select synchronization period from the list, if you want to enable background time synchronization while WorldTime Clock is running

  • Click the Synch Now! button in order to test your settings.
    Synchronization Progress will be opened to reflect synchronization process

If WorldTime Clock detects a time difference, it will be reported to you and system time will be adjusted automatically.

Manual Synchronization

Based on Synchronization Settings WorldTime Clock will be synchronizing system time in background. However, you can synchronize system time manually at any time:

  • Select Synchronize item in Main or Clock Menu

  • Synchronization Progress will be opened to reflect synchronization process

  • When synchronization is completed the dialog will be automatically closed after 5 seconds

  • You can click X window button in order to close this dialog manually