Update WorldTime Clock On-Line

You can update WorldTime Clock to the most recent version from the WorldTime Clock web-site online. There are three update options available:

  • WorldTime Clock Update

  • WorldTime Clock Sound Update

  • WinAmp Skins Update

In order to update WorldTime Clock your computer must be connected to the Internet.

Select the Update WorldTime Clock item in the WorldTime Clock program group (Start / Programs / WorldTime Clock / Update WorldTime Clock).
The update utility will start and navigate you through the update process.

The Component Selection window is opened and you can check the conponents you want to update:

  • Select WorldTime Clock Update checkbox to update your WorldTime Clock to a new version

  • Select WorldTime Clock Sounds checkbox to download and install latest reminder sounds collection

  • Select WinAmp Skins checkbox to download and install WinAmp skins collection on your PC

Click the Next button. Update program will download and automatically install all components you have selected.

When download and install will be completed your computer must be restarted.
The system will open the following Message Box.

Click Yes to restart your computer now.

Don't forget to save all unsaved data

Click No to restart your computer manually later.