Clock Display Overview

Switch Clock Display Type

There is fast way to change Clock Display Type:

Show Clock Display On Top

There is fast way to change Clock Display Type:

Show and Hide Clock

To show and hide Clock Display you may follow either of these ways:

Clock Calendar

You can view Location or Timezone calendar for any Clock.

Click the left mouse button on any Clock Display.

A red circle around the day highlights the current date in the Location or Timezone assigned to this Clock Display .

Use left and right buttons to scroll months on the calendar backwards and forward (accordingly).

Calendar displays some day in bold, when there is a reminder set for this date.

Quick Reminder

You can add Reminders quickly, with only 2 mouse clicks:

  • Click left mouse button on the Clock and open Clock Calendar

  • Click on the day, when you want to be reminded. Use scroll buttons if you need to change month

  • A new reminder window will be opened

  • Enter a reminder text in the Message field

  • You can modify reminder date and time in the Date & Time field, if necessary

  • Select the sound for your reminder from the drop-down list or select any *.WAV file on your PC clicking the [...] button. This sound will be played when Reminder time occurs

  • Click OK if you want to add this reminder to your reminders list or Cancel if you want to quit (reminder will not be added)