Customize Look-and-Feel

WorldTime Clock can be easily customized to exactly match your taste.
You can define colors of your own or apply WinAmp 2 Skins to the Clock Display.

In order to customize the Clock Display:

  • Open the WorldTime Clock Properties dialog and select Customize tab

  • Each Clock Display is customizable separately from all others, however you may click Apply To All button to save current settings and apply these settings to all Clock Displays at once

Please select one of the customization options below or read through all of them:

Font Customization Control

Following properties are available to describe custom font:

Color Selection Control

Color selection controls are implemented similarly to Microsoft Office color boxes dropping down from the color field:

  • Click the drop-down arrow of the color selection control to open the list of default colors.
    The last selected Color is always displayed with pushed style

  • Click on the color you would like to select.
    Please note that corresponding test area reflects your choise of the color as you hover mouse over the color box, so you may see the effect immediately

  • You may select the Automatic color, if you want to select Windows default color for Text or Background

  • Click the More Colours... button if you need to select a custom color not presented in the default list of colors. It will open Custom Color Dialog

Custom Color Dialog

The standard Color selection dialog helps you selecting custom colors:

  • Select the standard color you want to use from the list of Basic Colors and click OK button

  • Define the Custom Color dragging the cross-hairs on the rainbow field

  • Click the Add to Custom Colors button if you want to save selected color into your Custom Colors list.
    You may save up to 16 Custom Colors in this list