Customize Date

Select the Date tab to view and change Date display properties:

  • Show Date checkbox specifies whether the Date will be displayed on the Clock Display.
    When Show Date is not displayed, the date is displayed on the Clock Display Tip

  • Use Time Font checkbox specifies whether you want to display Date with the font set for Time display, or configure different settings.
    When Use Time Font is unchecked, you will get access to the font customization control. Otherwize it is disabled.
    Once you change any font setting, the DATE test area will be updated appropriately

  • Use Date Format drop-down list to specify the format for Date.
    This combobox contains list of the most common formats, but you may also type in your personalized date format

Date Format Specification

The format must be defined as follows:


Display Day without or with leading zero


Display short and full Weekday name


Display Month without or with leading zero


Display short and full Month name


Display Year in short and long format

All other characters are displayed without any modification.

Predefined formats are:
M/d/yyyy 2/5/2004
M/d/yy 2/5/04
MM/dd/yy 02/05/04
MM/dd/yyyy 02/05/2004
yy/MM/dd 04/02/05
yyyy-MM-dd 2004-02-05
dd-MMM-yy 05-Feb-2004
dddd, MMMM dd, yyyyThursday, February 05, 2004
MMMM dd, yyyy February 05, 2004
dddd, dd MMMM, yyyyThursday, 05 February, 2004
dd MMMM, yyyy 05 February, 2004