Customize with WinAmp 2 Skins

You can apply a WinAmp 2 Skin to the Clock Display and WorldTime Clock will have the same look-and-feel as WinAmp 2 and your other programs, supporting WinAmp 2 Skins.

Select the Skin tab to view and change WinAmp 2 Skin display properties:

  • Use WinAmp Skin checkbox specifies whether you want to display Clock using WinAmp 2 Skin.
    When Use WinAmp Skin is checked, you will get access to skin selection controls. Otherwize these are disabled

  • Skin File edit box specifies full path and name of the WinAmp 2 Skin file with extension(.wsz)

  • You can type full path and file name into a Skin File edit box; or

  • Click the [...] (Select) button to open a system File Open dialog
    Navigate to the folder with WinAmp Skins. Usually it is a Skins subfolder in the WinAmp home folder
    Select the Skin file you would like to use for Clock Display